The Brio Art Story

Hey guys! so I attended the first exhibition of Brio Art House and the opening of Brio Art Cafe on Saturday 25th February 2017 at Ramada Plaza.


AboutBrio Art House

It is a platform showcasing the artworks of and by Ankita Jaiswal, inspired by life and emotions to promote art worldwide. It is a special place where you can enjoy art in its varied forms and also relive lost cultural heritage of Uttar Pradesh through art and craft. Brio Art House also believes in empowering local artisans by reviving and recreating art.

Her Words – As a self taught artist, I’ve always found my art has allowed me to communicate without words. Taking my inspiration from life, I learnt to express emotion through art.

My love for charcoal and pastels is self evident as is my love for integrating and repurposing varied materials to create my sculptures. Photography  is another medium that has allowed me to share my point of view, the way I see and percieve things.

I hope through my work you feel the same wonder and joy that I feel when I create them. Come in, relax and reconnect with the world, old and new through my work.

Handcrafted Ceramic and Wall Plates


Title – Focus | Medium – Acrylic


Title – Greed | Medium – Recycled Wood and Fiber



Titles – Express | Medium – Mixed Media Installation


About – Brio Art House Cafe

The cafe is located in Ramada Plaza Lucknow Hotel and Convention Centre, Junabganj, Kanpur Road, Lucknow. The idea behind the cafe is to make people feel close to nature from the indoor plants and the water body just outside the cafe to the menu, the layout of the trays, candle stands, the handcrafted comment book and coasters everything is made of recycled materials, the food and beverages are served in handpainted and handcrafted ceramics which is served by waiters wearing pure khadi.

Also the goal was to promote eco-friendly materials, crafts and skills development and get people connected with art (which is everywhere) and the beauty of Lucknow which can be seen on many artworks and on the bill box which will be having a story of Lucknow.






What I Wore

The Timeless Slit. Slit dresses are one of the best options to choose for your extravagant evenings channeling a highly dramatic visual effect. Aren’t they? they’re the perfect outfit for a ball, a prom, a formal event or a special dinner. And it’s speciality lies in its simplicity and timelessness.

So, I got this dress from SHEIN. It is an online premiere destination for affordable comtemporary women’s fashion. The dress had an immaculate fit, along with the comfort to walk in and the richness of the fabric.

A lot of women can be afraid to carry this look but I personally think you can easily carry off this look, primarily because the problem area is not really the legs, it is the waistline. The slits, actually divert the attention from the waist to your well toned legs. But always choose a dress which shows off your assets to your advantage, without making you look like a cheap, dressed down version of an imported designer! haha .. We all know too well that there is a fine line dividing the vulgar from the stylish.

So, coming back to the look I paired them up with my two strap heels. Heels tend to glam up even a most basic slit dress and your walk becomes more feminine. Also simplicity is the key in this one so don’t decorate it too much let the dress take the scene. I believe that it will surely make some waves! Just as the waves of fabric that will show off your sexy legs. The other thing that you need to carry off this look is lots of poise and confidence. Wearing something under confidently is the sure shot recipe for a fashion disaster.






Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below and do share this post with your friends.

“Knock ‘em dead”


Dress –


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  1. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    this was a good combination of art and fashion, brought together under one blog..
    your posts are always informational and a update to live trend.and of course you look stunning..!!

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  2. Syedasafuraa says:

    Hey dear this syedasafuraa I have subscribed to you blog too and u are going amazing keep up the good work .😘😘❤❤❤ wish to win your latest giveaway do consider my efforts have followed all the rules 😘😘 love XOXO 😍❤

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  3. thisiseshaan says:

    It must be my extreme good luck to have got a chance to see such a beautiful pictures !! The best thing about you is that You’re different from other women.

    Have you ever gotten breathless before from a beautiful face, for i see you there !

    With love from Potato to Fries !!

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