Little White Skater Dress

Why is it that everyone loves skater dresses so much? It’s simple – because just about anyone can wear it, without feeling self-conscious about their body type. Also known as the ‘fit and flare’ dress because it is fitted on top, nipped in at the waist and floaty at the skirt and gives the illusion of an hour-glass figure and I LOVE them.

Keeping it short and sweet I am simply going to share with you a dress I recieved from Qasics last week and I cannot stop gazing at its casual-chic silouhette and print.

It’s so cute and it fits perfectly.

You can wear it to work and throw a cardigan or jacket over it, and still wear the dress to happy hour with your girlfriends or on a date. This is a dress that won’t go out of style so you can wear it over and over! and Mint would have to be one of my favorite colour because something about it is so fresh and so girly. And also, it was soo fun shooting for this dress with Daniel(Photographer) and Poorvi(blogger at Shades Of Jades), we had such a great time together, it was such a fun shoot that you can see that in the pictures too.

Look at the chic look it gave me! Aint i looking just simple and glam?











Let me know what you think of the dress and do share this post with your girl friends.

“Knock ‘em dead”


Dress – Qasics

Photographs By – Daniel Joseph


8 thoughts on “

  1. Sidra Sabahat says:

    Such a bright pretty dress.. I really want this in my closet no matter what..!!! 😍
    And how can I forget the model wearing it who I believe can carry every damn dress perfectly.. 🌺😘

    Liked by 1 person

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