Colour Blocking

When it comes to creating a ‘fashion statement’, you really can’t look past colour-blocking for a bold, head-turning look. So what is colour blocking exactly? Well it involves the pairing of bright and contrasting colour combinations that are opposites on the colour wheel worn side by side, that normally in your head you’d be screaming ‘uhh hell no that’s not gonna work’.

 I opted for this coat from the collection Alia Bhatt from Jabong in bright orange and I paired it up with my block pink pants from Vero Moda to create this look. This trend combines two or more colours worn side by side. While this outfit is the most outrageous form of colour blocking because I restricted myself to two beautiful colors here to keep it subtle and not go all cuckoo crazy because as much as I wanted to try this but also I didn’t want this to go wrong. Color blocking really gives you the opportunity to pair colors together you normally wouldn’t and lets you try something new and exciting.

It is thought of as the exploration of taking colors and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. The trend has also been said to make women appear slimmer by visually elongating their bodies.









Let me know what you think of this outfit or colour blocking and do share this post with your girl friends.

“Knock ‘em dead”


Coat – Alia bhatt for Jabong

Pants – Vero Moda

Wedges – Tresmode


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