Indian Women Who Made Us Fall For This Nine Yard Weave ‘Sari’



The nine yards of stunning elegance of this unstitched fabric is matchless and forever unbeatable. But don’t you think it has got lost somewhere in the run of donning western outfits??? Hats off to the style statement of a few power packed women in our country who have embraced this attire as their fashion symbol. Be it cotton sarees or regal silk sarees, they have tamed all of these weaves in the miraculous way. They have not just draped this long weaving yard for their own fashionable personality but influenced many to rekindle their relationship with it. From being a uniform for married women to highly sophisticated and classy women staple, saree has covered a long journey to be the most liked and appreciated Indian weave. Let’s celebrate the enchanting looks of these gorgeous divas & drag more inspiration for classic feminine appeal –

The Evergreen Rekha


The lady with ageless beauty has set a benchmark for all the saree loving women with her quintessential style of donning a lush Kanjeevaram saree at her every public appearance. Despite knowing about the choice of her attire, she makes us drool over the zari drenched golden sarees. What is evergreen and immutable about her look is –

  • Kanjeevaram saree in various shades of gold
  • Heavy traditional gold jewellery
  • Bright red lips and kohl eyes

Her trademark look has inspired many women in the country to embrace this ethnic staple on special occasions of their lives. Get ready to buy sarees online impelled from the magical looks of Rekha.

Gorgeous Vidya Balan


If you have to take one name from the current league of Bollywood divas who is known for her impeccable saree style, without a dispute the name would be Vidya Balan. Slamming all the trolls about her body and ordinary dressing style, she happily graces all award ceremonies and promotional events in her designer sarees. What you will always see in her style statement –

  • Heavy silk or cotton sarees
  • Minimal Jewellery
  • She has always seen donning a saree in open pallu style

Famous Designer Anavila


Who better than her can motivate the modern women to develop love for this weave. Or it’s better to say her enchanting designs & creations that has made undeniable impact on the saree wearing fraternity. What you will always see in her creations –

  • Raw and rustic feel with a contemporary touch
  • No embroidery or embellishments to match the appeal of modern young woman
  • Pastel hues to cheer your soul and body with sheer elegance & style

It’s time to buy sarees online inspired by her creations!!!

Princess Gayatri Devi


Bestowed as the most beautiful woman of 60s by Vogue fashion magazine, Maharani Gayatri Devi has left an indelible mark on the minds of women of every age. She has always been known for her phenomenal style and personal statement. The best things which were always a part of her ensemble –

  • Chiffon saree with floral and bandhini prints mostly
  • No heavy embellishments or work
  • Elegant and classy blouse designs for urban and chic look

Thank god to these gorgeous ladies who became the muse for fashion lovers to keep this drape alive and vintage!!!

Manisha Dubey


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