Prints and Textures

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to mix prints and textures for this post, I personally think that it is a fabulous way to add a different dimension to an outfit and bring more personal approch to our dressing. By mixing two different textures along with its balanced patterns and colors, you can easily add edge and interest to your outfit

I tried mixing the big plaid print with the texture of the coat and I think it went well, you should always try mixing big prints with smaller ones or textures, it creates fluidity and the overall look is visually appealing while still making a strong, not overwhelming statement. I’m not a pro at this but I do know somethings that you should keep in mind while trying out this trend like –

  • Mix prints of different scales.
  • Try and stay in the same color family.
  • Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.
  • If you’re new try avoiding wearing two super-bold patterns or it might look like you got dressed drunk or in the dark.

I really wanted to create a very bold and strong look so I paired them up with these chunky heeled brougues I got from Street Style Store and wrapped a gold chain necklace around my hands and fishnet to add more texture to the outfit.













Once you get in the habit of mixing things up and taking small fashion risks, you will eventually build up the courage to rock whatever type of pattern, color, texture, print you feel like.

Don’t set boundaries for yourself.

“Knock ‘em dead”

I would love to know if you liked the look, do share this post with your girl friends.


 Jacket – United Colours of Benetton
Skirt – Forever21
Shoes – Street Style Store

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  1. Saif Usmani says:

    You look amazing and the fashion sense of your’s is incomparable….. ❤😘 I hope someday you’ll design something for men too 😃 Proud of youu 😘❤

    Liked by 1 person

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