The Khadi Story

India’s one of a kind eCommerce, bringing to you the best of Khadi fashion! is a first ever community for khadi lovers by eco-chic khadi designer labels providing a multi-designer eCommerce platform to showcase and sell pret-couture collection for khadi apparels.


Launched in India on 2nd October,2016 by Roopika Rastogi in the presence of Shri Kalraj Mishra ( Hon’ble Union Minister of MSME ) and internationally acclaimed fashion designer Ms. Ritu Beri at Renaissance by Mariott, Lucknow.


iwearKhadi supports sustainable practices and aims at nurturing the beauty of  traditional  craftsmanship. It emphasizes on selecting, organizing, and presenting merchandise from best khadi brands with a goal to deliver products that are unique, comfortable, and of heirloom quality delivered right at your  doorstep.


Left to Right : Ritu Beri (Internationally acclaimed fashion designer), Shri Kalraj Mishra (Hon’ble Union Minister of MSME), Roopika Rastogi (Founder).




Founder’s Vision – I Believe that if, in any of your efforts are able to make a positive change in the society at large, you should not think twice. From a background in legal education and work experience, I have to set my path to a completely different area, just because i have faith in my idea. My idea is to reach out to young and motivated Khadi designers to join hands and de-clutter all misconceptions.


img_9385Designer Nanda Yadav from Red Sister Blue (A Fashion Clothing Brand)


Left to Right : Roopika Rastogi (founder, IWK), Amira Hussain, Poloumi Shukla
Asma Hussain (director, Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion technology), Renu Rastogi

About Khadi


Khadi is a versatile fabric. It has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter as well as cool in summer season. This fabric has coarse texture. It comes in many colors and is not harmful to the skin as synthetic fabrics. This cotton is very soothing in summer season as ample amount of air ventilation is there, it has the capacity to absorb moisture therefore it easily soaks the sweat and keeps the wearer cool and dry. Khadi cotton comes in plain as well as in printed fabrics. It is a very durable fabric.

Khadi is the organic fabric, it is a completely organic product, hand-spun or hand-woven by artisans in rural India and contains no chemicals.

Everything from the making of the spindles to packaging of the apparel is done by hand and with lots of love.

No chemicals are used in the making of khadi, and hence it is mild and gentle on skin, suitable for all age-groups. The dyes used in the dyeing process are organic vegetable dyes, keeping it natural all-throughout the process.

Khadi is known to have the lowest carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric.


“Khadi is not merely a cloth. It is a way of life in which all aspects of Nature-friendly life are embedded. It welcomes and celebrates the productive participation by one and all”

-Mahatma Gandhi

In India, Khadi is not just a cloth, it is a whole movement started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The Khadi movement promoted an ideology, an idea that Indians could be self-reliant on cotton and be free from foreign cloth and clothing. The freedom struggle revolved around the use of khādī fabrics and the dumping of foreign-made clothes. However, there is much more to the movement than just opposing the British. It was this strikingly simple yet rich fabric that brought the nation together and created one of the most unforgettable moments in the Indian history –  the moment, when the people of India realized that we need to win our nation back.

Manufacturing Of Khadi 


First of all, the cotton fibers are separated from the cotton seed using a sharp object that resembles a comb. Each cotton ball used in the process is handpicked. Once all the fibers are separated from the cotton seeds, the traces of any debris and refuse are removed by the carding process. The carded and completely clean fibers are called the ‘silvers’, which are then spun into a yarn with the help of a spinning wheel. Each fiber is carefully thinned out and twisted simultaneously for strengthening purposes. The spun yarn is finally wounded into reels and then hand woven into khadi fabric.


Since fashion industry is all about experimenting with different looks and style, the fact that khadi fabric is flexible and can be woven into any versatile look makes it irresistible to not play with. The fashion industry is now full of clothes made of khadi blends with different fibers.

Myths About Khadi

At the launch event the founder, Roopika Rastogi also talked about the various myths and misconceptions about Khadi and debunks them.

  1. Khadi is limited to just Cotton : It is true that significant composition of khadi comprises of cotton, but it also comes in silk and wool blend.
  2. Khadi and handloom is the same thing : The yarns of handloom fabrics are made using machine; however, Khadi fabrics are handwoven with handspun yarns.
  3. Khadi fabric is often confused with linen : Khadi is fabric manufactured by hand spinning and hand weaving the cotton, wool, silk or blended fibers whereas linen is a fabric made using flax or a blend of flax cotton fibers.
  4. Khadi can be machinespun : For a fabric to be called Khadi, it has to be handspun and handwoven. If its yarn is spun using machine, it becomes a handloom.
  5. Khadi is coarse : Another misconception about Khadi is that it is a coarse fabric and rough, however different quality khadi is made all over country. Very fine khadi can be handwoven , which super soft and comfortable.
  6. Khadi is a high maintenance fabric : khadi is easy to maintain just like any other fabric. You don’t really have to set aside extra time or make special efforts to preserve the merchandise.
  7. Khadi was first made by Mahatma Gandhi For the Mahatma, khadi was the means to economic liberation of the starving millions. Otherwise, the existence of Khadi dates back to 12 th century AD.


iwearkhadi brings you the best of Khadi Fashion from Kurti to Culottes, Jumpers, Crop tops, pants and dresses delivering you a wide range of Ethinic Wear, Casual Wear, Formal Wear and even Western Wear.

Let’s Embrace Khadi!

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