The Mocha Story

Mocha is the country’s first completely indigenous and eclectic café chain.Opened in Lucknow on 9th September 2016 and located in a prime location – Second Floor, Anand Plaza, Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar.

They organized a bloggers meet on sunday, 11th September and invited us for brunch.


The décor is relaxed, yet has a sense of urban sophistication to it. It looks peaceful and soothing. The place is well lit, with a beautiful display of desserts, comfortable chairs to sit on, and a balcony for smokers.



Service was friendly and quite efficient with waiters quick to take orders and always ready to provide assistance. The music is also great.

What we Ordered



One of the best cappuccino ever tasted, the milk was frothed to perfection – ideal temperature, ideal texture.

Mocha Freak Shake – Fudge Brownie




Mocha Freak Shake – Nutella and Pretzel


These thick, creamy, dense and smooth with the right amount of whipped cream and perfect consistency topped with brownies and candies and pretzels.It was orgasmic, and that is the least I can say about it.

The Ferrero Rocher Shake


A perfect level of sugar (not too sweet) and, chocolate (though there’s nothing like too much chocolate, is it?) It’s a must for chocolate lovers.

Kiwi Honey Banana Smoothie


  Oh man is that good! That’s exactly what ran through my head after a big gulp of this smoothie.Fruity goodness for smoothie lovers! Its is the perfect blend of sweet and tart as well as refreshing at the same time.

Kanda Pav


Famous Mumbai Street Food. Onion Rings sandwiched in the Indian bread (pav). Served with dry garlic chutney and fried green chillies.

Enne Arabiaca


Simple, yet so flavourful! the sauce had the taste and juice of fresh tomato, but also a velvety textured, creamy red sauce seasoned Italian style with cherry tomatoes,oregano and parsley.

Tex-Mex Sizzler


A hearty fusion of flavours.

Chicken Panini


The paninis are my favourite among the snacks. The bread is really soft and delicious with a good amount of filling.



 It isn’t just a serious food and beverages place, it’s more about a space where you can come and hangout with your friend’s and as well as with your family.

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