Sunshine and Stripes

Stripes never go out of fashion.

Stripes stormed the spring/summer 2016 runways in every style you can possibly imagine – some ran horizontal while others vertical, there were thick lines and super skinny ones,too. At Ralph Lauren, asymmetric blue-and-white stripes lined a strapless evening gown, while at Salvatore Ferragamo, stripes went in every direction in bold hues. Clearly, these stripes went far beyond the classic navy-and-white nautical ones we all know and love, but they absolutely have just as much statement-making appeal.  

They are such a major staple that no wonder we’re still milking this cow,they absolutely have just as much statement-making appeal. Like, I put one knit stripped dress on and I feel very retro Italian for some reason.

And all hail the midi, the most sophisticated dress trend, it’s elegant in a subversive way. You don’t have to shave too much of your legs to wear it and it’s great at hiding knobbly knees (I speak from weary experience).

 I just slipped into this striped midi light knitted dress from Koovs I so loved. Yeah, that made my bum look so cheeky and my waist look tiny as fuck. I do think stripes are the most versatile, classic and sophisticated prints out there.

Try it out yourself and tell me all about it in the comments below.

“Knock ‘em dead”










Dress – Koovs ( Similar here )

Photographs by- Prateek Khatri (CLICK)


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  1. Nistha Gupta says:

    Stripes have always been my choice and you portrayed them so well. They really hauled over the fashion streets this summer. Thanks for picturing them so well and you look stunning as always.❤👌

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